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In-reply-to > Quick trip to the colorful woods: https://lyse.isobeef.org/waldspaziergang-2021-11-05/ The bridge is open for traffic even though the final railing is still to be installed. They just clamped the contruction barrier to the brige for a temporary measure.

@prologic @fastidious Thanks guys! The colors are really crazy right now. Even though it was very cloudy the leaves were still bright and shiny everywhere. It’s just a Nikon Coolpix S6500 with a ton of fuzz in the lens, making me spend a bit of time with the healing tool in GIMP on some photos to get rid of the gigantic crap in the middle. It’s a pretty nice camera, I like it a lot except for the dirty inside of the lens (I’m afraid of opening it to clean it :-(). I have it for about seven years now and it served me well ever since. The optical 12x zoom is fantastic and the small size perfectly suited to conveniently carry it around. When lighing isn’t great, e.g. in late dusk or inside, getting sharp shots is really tricky (as to be expected with fairly cheap cameras). I usually don’t tweak the photos afterwards, just try to get rid of the ugliest dark spot in the middle if needed. I try my very best to mask that in the first place by positioning myself in a way that the fuzz is hardly identifiable in the final result. Depending on the subject that’s not always working out, though. Very, very rarely I brighten the shaded areas (can be counted on the fingers of two hands). In the past days I found myself rotating a few pictures by at most one or two degrees (@movq told me so ;-)), but other than that I don’t edit them. My goal is always to take perfect pictures in the first place so I don’t have to fiddle around in post. If in doubt, take more shots and then remove all except one to at most three on the computer. That’s much quicker and also more natural.



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