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🇦🇺 - Teaching digital literacy to Aussies of all ages and loving it. Loud and proud FOSS supporter (as much as I can...). Always up for a chat whenever! - Also trying to not to break yarn instances!

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In-reply-to > @ullarah I think I still prefer them as "dumb displays" to be honest. It gives me the freedom to plug whatever I like into them via HDMI. It's sort of the same argument as bundlind a Wireless Access Point and Route and Switch in an all-in-one plastic box 😅 -- I prefer to have separate Switch/Router and Wireless Access Points 😂

@prologic speaking of network gear, what do you run? If you don’t mind me asking.

Pretty sure you have a special feed for this 😅

In-reply-to > Some Roku Smart TVs Are Now Showing Banner Ads Over Live TV Some Roku smart TV owners are seeing banner ads appear over live content, according to a thread on the r/cordcutters subreddit. Ars Technica reports: [A photo posted by the Reddit user] shows a Sharp TV running Roku software and displaying an ad for a bed over a live sports broadcast, plus a prompt to 'press OK to get offer.' These ads don't seem ... ⌘ Read more

I wish you could just buy dumb TVs (PC monitors?) that can’t be connected.

I dislike IoT devices. Who’s fucking bright idea is it to have white goods connected? What purpose does it really have?

“Hey you can connect your toaster to the internet” … 🤦

In-reply-to > Nothing stops you from photocopying a physical book to give to many.

@fastidious I have done things in the past, primarily as a teenager 😅, that once I got a full-time job I actually went out and bought products, I got collectors editions of items. I spread the word when I had nothing and gave my support when I had the means to.

Sure, is everybody going to do that? Oh hell no. There are some people out there that will continue to obtain free products. But the point still remains that it should be easy for customers to be able to choose a non-restricted format.

In-reply-to > Nothing stops you from photocopying a physical book to give to many.

@fastidious if I give you a copy of a song from this amazing band that you’ll be sure to love you’ll be exposed to a brand new band that you’ve never heard of before.

You’ll also be inclined to seek out more of their music, go to their concert, buy merchandise. So to me that is more exposure from a single copied song that literally has no loss of sale or impact.

In-reply-to > About Scaling Up - Verne Harnish's Best-selling Book

Nothing stops you from photocopying a physical book to give to many.

It’s not bad for business. It actually gives business more exposure. The fact that you can’t purchase a product without some form of DRM is down right shitty.

I’m not a connoisseur of much digital media except for games; Steam and GOG (Good Old Games). GOG distributing their products without DRM won me over as I don’t have to worry about licensing or “activations” etc.

In-reply-to > @prologic Came across this this morning, Session Messenger. Not sure about the details or intricacies but it looks like a good alternative. They have technical details listed on their site.

@prologic ah righto. Tor never sat right with me. It just goes to show there really is something missing with all of these alternatives. It’s great that there are options but most if not all of them just completely miss the mark.

In-reply-to > So, @ullarah, when using the post box on "normal" mode, that is, not "drawer mode" I can start the mention, and select with arrows, accept with return, and continue on the twt. On drawer mode, I can't select with arrows, nor accept with return, and the mention drop list doesn't go away until I click on the post box.

@fastidious @prologic I’ve noticed this even when in yarns regardless of being in drawer mode. I have a feeling the JS is not too happy with it being cloned, deleted, and the pasted back… I’m sure it can be fixed. I’ll take a gander some time today.

If all else fails drawer mode can be reverted back to a user option or feature quite easily. 👍

In-reply-to > @fastidious Yeah I feel your pain, the year is going by quite quickly for me too! @ullarah But OTOH it is going rather slowly mostly due to my "day job" and the excitement of it 😅 -- Also I just discovered that @fastidious is right about about the @-mention popup, there's something a little off with it, but I can't quite put my finger on it 🤔

@prologic I know what it is. Something isn’t quite right with the JS. No code was changed but the box no longer appears after entering the @ symbol on the post box. The box no longer disappears after selecting a user either… 🤔

In-reply-to > I don’t quite understand how Flatpak/Snap is supposed to solve anything. That isn’t the issue at all, from my experience. If you make proprietary software, you can just bundle all your dependencies or link stuff statically. I’ve been playing some (commercial, proprietary) games from the late 1990ies / early 2000s that follow this simple approach (they had official Linux versions – maybe “The Year of the Linux Desktop” has already passed 🤪). They worked like a charm – UNTIL something related to drivers changed. And now they just crash. 🤦 (In other words, they worked fine for about 20 years, which is pretty good if you ask me. You have similar problems on Windows.)

@movq It’s been year of Linux for me since 2004. The day I got a magazine with Fedora Core 2 and found instructions on running Unreal Tournament 2004 just hooked me in. The real issue lies within hardware vendors, like you said driver related changes, that keep it back. I’m still stuck in the 90s/00s for gaming. I recently discovered a lovely DOS collection that will keep me busy for years.

In-reply-to > Running latest from master. I am liking the post box repositioning based on twt being replied to, it is pretty neat! Will play with everything throughout the day, to see if I can find something terribly broken. 🤞🏻

Thanks @fastidious! Just pop everything in this yarn (or a git issue). I’ve noticed quite a lot of gap at the bottom on mobile view. Will get that fixed haha!

In-reply-to > @fastidious So... What's your flow of dealing with passwords and your "master password" then? Obviously you use a password manager, I do as well, I use pass -- The Standard Password Store 😅 -- But do you store the master password in macOS 's keychain once entered or enter it every time? 🤔

I’ve used the same passphrase since I’ve been 12 and it’s memorised. Never had an issue with it since it’s 36 characters in length including all standard characters to keep password fields happy.

Although it will be interesting to see what happens when I get just that little bit older…

In-reply-to > People at Google attempting to animate dog movement: https://arvr.google.com/scene-viewer?file=https://storage.googleapis.com/ar-answers-in-search-models/static/dogs/Shibainu/Shibainu.glb&title=%C5%A0iba+inu&referrer=google.com:ANIMALSDOG:kpcarousel&sound=https://storage.googleapis.com/ar-answers-in-search-models/static/dogs/Shibainu/Shibainu.ogg

Wow, that’s nuts! I wonder if they put a mocap suit on the dog?

In-reply-to > twtxt critic: Unfortunately the original values seam to have been eroded. Yarn is turning twtxt in to a cheap copy of Mastodon without the benefit of the Fediverse. What happened to everybody hosting their own twt files in a public facing folder? I was hoping development would have gone in the direction to help people to publish to a personnel held public facing folder via FTP, Dropbox, Sia Skynet, IPFS etc. And servers would just be search engines, and proxies etc. I appreciate the hard work that has gone in to the Yarn.social however ...

@eaplmx spot on! It’s one thing to be heard, it’s another to be listened to, and another to have ideas!

In-reply-to > I have removed the moving_average_feed_refresh and now twts from other pods show as they were showing before, fast and furious! I am voting no on the feature to make it to the code permanently. If anything, make it a toggle under pod management, please.

@fastidious I had that implemented too. I hadn’t noticed any difference tbqh 😅

In-reply-to > @fastidious I have somewhat of a problem with it BECAUSE it is a paper or a stupid and broken phone app - both of those things are unreliable. A paper gets wet and turns into mush and an app stops working when you need it the most or once you run out of the battery.

@fastidious I just wish the government, Australia especially, does some god damn better work at security implementations. To login to our govt. services require a password (or digital identity… yuck) and an OTP is sent via SMS! Don’t want SMS? Here download our own implementation of TOTP codes app… 🤯

In-reply-to > Went out for an afternoon outing with the family 😁 Twas very nice 👌

@lyse with the fancier views you also get a “download” link to the full version.

IIRC you’re using a text based client? (Jenny? or is that movq?? 😂) If that’s the case I wonder what we could do to be compatible with that.


Waking up with gout in the ankle. Yep, that’s exactly what I wanted on a Thursday. For those who are unaware, gout is a inflammatory disease built up by uric acid. Usually bought on by seafood, red meat, tomatoes etc.

Excruciating pain. Imagine somebody hamming your foot hard at random intervals while a dull blade hacksaw is moving back and forth on the ankle.

Excuse me while I take some painkillers.

In-reply-to > @eaplmx da fuq? 😅 I don't know many spoken or written languages -- Only dozens of "programming" / computer languages 😂 Sorry my friend 🤗 -- One day we might integrate with a nice privacy respecting translation service for Yarn pods, but so far such a thing doesn't quite exist (yet?) 😢

@prologic LibreTranslate? Might be something that can be added as an optional feature. Display a “translate” button on each yarn if enabled. Tap on it to have it translated to your selected language set in settings?